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- The intuitive design of the Copper Prometheus Beta Quick Release Keychain LED Flashlight allows you to easily detach the flashlight from your keychain when you need light. Accidental disengagement is virtually impossible. Engagement is verified by a solid click every time! -SUPERIOR LIGHT QUALITY 

- See colors as you would on a bright sunny day. Cheap LED flashlights have a limited color spectrum that washes out your subject with a harsh "hospital" light. Our flashlight delivers 92+ CRI - a clear, natural light. -PROFESSIONAL GRADE, COMPACT SIZE

- Precision-engineered components from premium materials make this flashlight lightweight and reliable. Fits in the palm of your hand. Add the Copper Beta to your keychain without adding bulk and weight. Perfect for EDC. 

- EVERY DAY CARRY LED FLASHLIGHT. The quick release mechanism lets you effortlessly take it on and off your keychain. Adapts to all your needs, whether it's in the lab, office or home. Made for every day carry convenience. 

- THREE LIGHT MODES. Low/Medium/High. Low: 1 Lumen. Medium: 15 Lumens at 19 meters. High: 90 Lumens at 30 meters. Easy to use Twist On/Off function and Mode Cycling.

Prometheus Beta QRV2

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