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- If you like pry bars, you are going to love these two versions of the Pocket Pry. These two designs are XL’s that you will be able to put to work.

- The 1911 Pocket Pry V1 features a bottle opener that is also a 3/8’’ wrench and the 1911 Pocket Pry V2 is a straight up pry bar with a leather inlay. So for you folks that like the old school way of popping a cap like you do with a Bic lighter, then the V2 will be for you.

- Both versions feature a 1/4’’ hex, flat head screwdriver/scraper, a 1911 bushing wrench and lanyard slot.

- Both versions come with a complementary leather tag. You will be able to choose your desired colour. If you are getting the V2 the leather inlay and lather tag will be the same colour.

- 4.325’ long and 0.25’’ thick

- Made in the USA

Blasted and tumbled 1911 Pocket Pry’s

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