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- The Halo Glow FOB is the perfect little accessory for your keys, knife, flashlight or any other piece of gear.

- *Take note that some turbo glow colours are brighter then others and the company that makes it considers some colours as a daylight color. Meaning it’s not so bright at night. The best way to charge the glow is by using a UV flashlight. In my pictures I have heavily charged the turbo glow with a large UV light to show the best results.

- Comes with a Ti key ring, Ti MK2 tag and a Ti HookUp Nano carabiner.

- 0.5” diameter by 1.687” long

- The Halo is made in Canada

- The MK2 tag and HookUp Nano in made in the USA

Aged brass Halo

Turbo glow colour
Out of Stock
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